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The number one job of your website is to convert visitors into leads and customers.

And we’ll let you in on a secret:

We’ve dealt with hundreds of New Zealand businesses. For the majority, it is the website that is the weak link in their advertising. In fact, less than 1 in 4 businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates (Econsultancy, 2016).

Your website is a 24/7 billboard that your prospective customers always check out before giving you the time of day. It’s the vital cog at the heart of all of your advertising efforts.

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Your website is the heart of your digital success… Don’t gamble with its success.

If you want your website to generate new business you can set your watch to forget using a web designer. They’re just that – designers.

The vast majority have never been “in the trenches”, fighting it out tooth and nail to convert leads and sales in the highly competitive online advertising space.

So, are you expecting your website to generate you new business?

If you answered yes, turbocharge your results by using our digital marketing experts to craft a website that’s a lead & sales generating powerhouse.

Quite simply, our websites pack a punch.

We weave in all of the “must-have” features to dominate your market, honed over many years generating leads & sales online for some of New Zealand’s largest brands.

We’ll help you:


Devise your unique selling proposition (aka why you’re better than your competition)


Craft a killer offer that immediately clicks with your audience


Write top performing sales copy that turns prospects into paying customer


Sculpt a high converting design that has your visitors jumping out of their skin to contact you.

So forget “Design”. Nothing sells like a conversion focused website from Local Digital.

A top rated & trusted conversion web design company

See how our conversion services have had a dramatic impact on New Zealand businesses

We’ve seen our online revenue quadruple and it has resulted in greater business performance.

Avi Pollak
Operations Manager, Pearson's Florist

We’re getting in 20 quotes per day which is almost more than I can handle to answer.

Callan Pascoe
Owner, Clearlight Designs

Our online store has achieved record results and seen triple digit growth over the past three years.

Adam Shalala
Ecommerce Manager, IN SPORT

We’re generating more leads & getting more work.

Billy Ganley
Director, PointBrik

We’ve achieved financial goals we thought were never going to be possible.

Chris Watts
General Manager, Flavours Catering

We increased leads something like 500% and that was with the same level of spend.

Chris Costin
Marketing Manager, ActronAir

Seeing the increase in traffic & sales really has given me a buzz. I didn’t think it was possible in such a short time frame

Wayne Francis
Managing Director, Recompute

The Benefits of A Focus on Conversion

For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them (Econsultancy, 2016). Seems pretty inefficient, right?

You’re in business. You want to grow and you’ll spend money on advertising to make this happen.

And if you are already spending money on advertising but don’t have a website designed to convert like crazy…


Every dollar spent sending potential customers to a poor performing website is a dollar wasted. The most successful businesses know this and make sure their website is up to the task.

If your website is optimised to convert, it means more of your visitors turn into paying customers without you spending a single cent more on advertising.

That’s why conversion is the most important part of your website to get right. Here’s how it works:

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you currently convert 5% of your website visitors into customers.

If you can improve this to 10% you will double the number of new customers without spending a cent more on advertising.

See now why having a team of direct response marketing experts craft your website might be a little better than your run of the mill web designer?

And here’s the kicker…

Our proven websites and landing pages regularly convert 10%, 20% and even 60% of visitors into new leads and sales.

Imagine what those numbers could do for your business.

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See How New Zealand Businesses Drive More Leads & Customers With Local Digital

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Weighing up web design agencies right now? Here's why it's worth claiming a free proposal from Local Digital.

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Our track record of success and web design done the right way is reflected in our strong Google reviews and rating. This means you can trust we will do things the right way.

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We're proud of the calibre of our team. We have some of the most experienced digital marketers in New Zealand ready to work on your campaigns. Why not check out our team's background on LinkedIn?

We Get Results

Our case studies section includes a range of examples where we were tasked with improving the conversion rates and web designs for our clients - and smashed the results out of the park.

Any questions? Read our FAQ

  • What are web design services?

    A website design service is an agency or individual who oversees all aspects of your website creation, management, and optimization. They are the ones who figure out how your site should look and work to meet your goals. If there are any issues or bugs, the service will take care of those, too.

    Typically, a web designer will create a custom website that is reflective of your company and brand. Part of that means working with leaders at your company to identify colors, logos, photos, videos, fonts, and other aesthetics. It also requires developing an intuitive layout that provides a user-friendly experience.

    Once a website is active, it can’t be static. A designer or website maintenance manager should be at hand to optimize layouts or features. Continually updating and improving the design of your website is essential for attracting visitors and funneling them toward conversions.

  • What makes a good website?

    Any website that is worth revisiting will have a logical, easy-to-use way for consumers to accomplish their goals while visiting. Much of what constitutes an outstanding website boils down to design. That means organizing the structure so that it appears professional and clean.

    It’s also challenging to overstate the importance of intuitive navigation. Visitors should not have to contemplate where to find tabs or get frustrated about adding items to a shopping cart. The best navigation will let visitors find everything they need quickly.

    A million other things make an outstanding website, including speed, coding, readability, and search-engine optimization (SEO). We want to take a second to mention original content, though, because it is the thing that will set your company apart from the competition. Content comes in all forms, from copy to design, so be sure you take the time to produce high-quality and unique material.

  • How do I choose a web design agency?

    Choosing the right web-design agency can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your company’s digital presence. An intuitive and engaging website has the potential to attract more visitors, increase conversions, and boost sales. While any business wants the perfect website that does all those things, it is essential to know your budget and flexibility.

    When you meet with agencies, be sure to ask about their pricing models, as well as any fees or charges. You can end up spending more than you budgeted if you have to pay unscheduled checkup fees. It also helps to establish trustworthiness by finding out your agency’s client-retention rate.

    Perhaps the most useful thing you can do is look at an agency’s past clients. This information will provide you a quick glimpse into the quality of their work. If you want, you can even reach out to those previous clients to learn more about their working relationship with the agency.

  • What is the difference between custom & template web design?

    When it comes to creating a website, you have two options:  Use a template or start from scratch and make something original. Each form of web design has its pros and cons. Selecting the option that is right for you will depend on the size, revenue, timeframe, and goals of your company.

    Templates provide you with the structure of a website so you can personalize it without extensive coding or designing experience. While these are optimal for low budgets or companies with short development periods, they lack the complete control that comes with a custom design. Some of the most popular template-based platforms include WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace.

    Custom websites usually involve a team of designers working together to optimize your company’s online needs. The creative and planning processes can take weeks or months, but the result is often a superior product that works on all browsers and is search engine optimized (SEO). What’s more, a custom website will be reflective of your company’s brand and adaptable over time.


  • How long does it take to design a website?

    The dismal, but unfortunately true, answer is that it depends. More often than not, though, designing a website from scratch will take longer than you might expect. The No. 1 cause for website delay is incomplete content. If you really need some sort of timeframe, it is reasonable to estimate that website construction will take four weeks to six months.

    Building a website comes in five phases: discovery, design, development, testing, and launch. The discovery phase allows the designer to understand your needs and goals. Next, they begin designing the overall architecture of the site and mocking up how the pages will look at the end.

    The development phase involves building out the website based on the blueprint and sitemap. After designers finish that step, they will take the time to review their work to find any lingering functional or coding problems. The final product then requires your company’s inspection before launching online.


  • What are the languages required for web design?

    Coding languages provide the building blocks for your website’s design. Each coding style has its own set of unique features and abilities, so there is no single superior version. Most of the time, coders use the language with which they are most comfortable, though that might change as they expose themselves to other varieties.

    JavaScript, which is used in web development, is useful particularly for the interactive aspects of a website.

    The most straightforward language is Python, which often functions as the backbone of a website. The easy-to-learn language makes it a go-to option for developers of all skill levels, including those who made Pinterest and Instagram.

    Other essential languages include, but are not limited to, HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP.

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