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Ever looked at something online then been followed by ads for it everywhere else you go? That’s retargeting at work. And it’s a powerful way to get a second bite at the pie if someone didn’t convert on your website. Find out more about retargeting campaigns with a free proposal now.

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Most websites convert 3% or less of visitors into leads & sales. So what happens to the other 97%? They disappear, often never to be heard from again, despite initially being interested. That’s pretty inefficient! But it doesn’t have to be.

Retargeting campaigns allow you to show your banner ads to users who showed an interest in your offer but have abandoned your site…. and hit them with the banner again and again. This means you can score the sale on the second, third or even tenth time they see your ad. Powerful stuff.

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Fully Managed Retargeting

Our retargeting services are fully managed, which means you can focus on running your business. Our experienced team members handle all aspects of your campaign, from helping craft your offer, designing creative for the banner campaigns, setting up pixels and audiences and running & optimising the campaigns.

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Wayne Francis
Managing Director, Recompute

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Why Choose Local Digital For Retargeting

If you're in the market for a retargeting service right now you need to be confident you'll get the outcomes you're looking for. Here's why we can help.

Platform Agnostic

We're not locked in to using one retargeting platform over another. We'll work with the best option to hit your goals, from buying direct from ad platforms to using third party tools.

Best In Breed Team

Our team has been hand picked and we're proud to have some of the most experienced digital marketers in the New Zealand industry on your campaign. Feel free to check our team's history on LinkedIn then compare us to the other options.

Holistic PPC Strategy

Your retargeting campaign doesn't have to run in isolation. We also offer the full spectrum of PPC services and can manage it for you end-to-end, applying learnings and efficiencies across all channels.

Any questions? Read our FAQ

  • What is retargeting?

    When someone clicks on your ad but doesn’t end up converting or immediately leaves your website, it is called bouncing. On average, only 2 percent of people convert per click. Retargeting lets you display your ads again to the remaining 98 percent who showed interest but didn’t do anything.

    Retargeting involves using a piece of code to track your visitors anonymously. It allows retailers to see visitors’ experiences as a cookie drops the anonymous browser code. When that same visitor browses the internet somewhere else, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know to send them ads. It also ensures that your ads only go to people who previously visited your website but didn’t convert.

    This strategy can be useful because it repeatedly exposes consumers to your brand. The repetition can lead to brand recognition and trust. Many marketers opt for retargeting campaigns because they have higher returns on investment than other methods.

  • Why is retargeting important?

    Retargeting is a way of repeatedly exposing potential customers to your products, services, and brand. Retargeting providers specifically target individuals who did not convert during their previous visits to your website. The idea is that continued exposure will lead to brand recognition and trust.

    The greatest strength of retargeting is the audience. These targets are people who have shown interest in your website, and at least clicked on one of your hyperlinked ads to visit. This established interest could lead to higher returns on investment as opposed to casting a wide net for any possible customer.

    What’s more, retargeting comes with filters to narrow your messaging. Filters let you personalize each consumer’s advertising experience based on that person’s browsing habits and behaviors. For instance, if someone looks around for Nike shoe collections for half an hour, it makes sense to show them Nike shoe ads in the future.

  • What is the difference between retargeting & remarketing?

    Retargeting is a process whereby advertisers show ads repeatedly to people based on their previous search histories. The idea is to expose potential customers to your products and services again because they showed prior interest. Thanks to cookies, you can “follow” that customer and show your ads to them somewhere else on the internet.

    Remarketing is essentially a more extreme version of retargeting. The consumer who shows significantly more interest in purchasing your products or services, and therefore, you can target them heavily with your ads. An example of significant interest would be consumers who put items in their shopping cart, then abandon it without purchasing.

    Marketers sometimes refer to remarketing as re-engagement with a brand. It involves a more personalized approach that caters narrowly to consumers’ specific interests and needs. An example might be sending an alert email when appealing products go on sale. The added personalization is why remarketing typically triggers a higher conversion rate than retargeting.

  • What is a retargeting platform?

    A retargeting platform lets you show your ads to shoppers who previously clicked through to your website but did not make a purchase, or “convert.” This process is possible, thanks to cookies that “follow” consumers and monitor their browsing habits. Once a consumer leaves your website, the retargeting platform can show them your appealing ads elsewhere on the web.

    What makes retargeting platforms so useful is the timing and personalization of retargeted ads. For instance, people shopping for luxury items do not need retargeting as quickly as those looking for train tickets. This segmentation optimizes the display of your ads and makes spending in your advertising budget more efficient.

    Second, retargeted ads have personalized elements because they use previous cookie data. If someone looks at Bose headphones but doesn’t buy any, for example, the retargeting platform will consider that. When it shows the consumer ads again, it will show Bose, instead of generic headphones, which can yield a higher click-through rate and more conversions.

  • Does retargeting really work?

    Retargeting is useful because it keeps your brand, product, or service front-and-center on a customer’s mind. The continued exposure can improve brand recognition and awareness, and even conversions. Think of this process as indefinite window-shopping, whereby you are continuously showing customers products you have that are appealing to them.

    One of the reasons retargeting works is because of the customer’s search history. Retargeting platforms only follow people who have already shown interest in something on your website. They may have clicked on a hyperlinked ad or read some blog posts but did not necessarily end up completing a purchase.

    Getting the most out of retargeting involves tailoring your advertisements. For instance, you will want to separate the people who looked at headphones vs. computers vs. already purchased something. Segmentations also influences the timeframe for retargeting. For example, customers who search for plane tickets should get retargeting content sooner than those looking at cars.

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