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50% of New Zealanders log onto social media every day. Is your business there too? You know your dream customers are logging on right now. But standing out among the sea of advertisers can be tough. That’s where we come in.

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Ignore Social Ads At Your Peril

In the few seconds it took you to read this far your top competitor’s ad has already been seen on Facebook & Instagram. So ask yourself – how many sales are you missing out on?

There’s over 3.4 million New Zealanders active on Facebook right now. That’s 70% of the population. And the kicker? 2 million of them are aged 25 to 55 – that prized group of established wage earners & business owners with the means to buy your products and services.

Facebook & Instagram advertising is no longer a “nice to have”. It is a must have and should be a priority for your business.

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Forget Socialising… Think Growth

Facebook and Instagram may be social networks, but savvy business owners know they’re much more than that. At the end of the day, Social = People. There’s a lot of people on Facebook & Instagram and it’s these people that buy products and services. You can drill down on the age, gender, interests and behaviours that matter to your business.

When done right it is a devastatingly effective and wallet friendly way to put your product or service in front of your dream prospects.

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See How Kiwi Businesses Drive More Leads & Customers With Local Digital

We’ve seen our online revenue quadruple and it has resulted in greater business performance.

Avi Pollak
Operations Manager, Pearson's Florist

We’re getting in 20 quotes per day which is almost more than I can handle to answer.

Callan Pascoe
Owner, Clearlight Designs

Our online store has achieved record results and seen triple digit growth over the past three years.

Adam Shalala
Ecommerce Manager, IN SPORT

We’re generating more leads & getting more work.

Billy Ganley
Director, PointBrik

We’ve achieved financial goals we thought were never going to be possible.

Chris Watts
General Manager, Flavours Catering

We increased leads something like 500% and that was with the same level of spend.

Chris Costin
Marketing Manager, ActronAir

Seeing the increase in traffic & sales really has given me a buzz. I didn’t think it was possible in such a short time frame

Wayne Francis
Managing Director, Recompute

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See How New Zealand Businesses Drive More Leads & Customers With Local Digital

Why Choose Local Digital For Social Media Advertising

Weighing up social media advertising services right now? Here's why it's worth claiming a free proposal from Local Digital.

Track Record of Results

Our case studies, video testimonials and Google reviews from real clients prove we have the runs on the board when it comes to delivering results.

Strategy First

When you enquire with us we get to the bottom of your goals and devise the best strategy to hit them. Your social media ads will be a well executed part of this strategy.

Expert Team

We're proud of the calibre of our team. We have some of the most experienced digital marketers in New Zealand ready to work on your campaigns. Why not check out our team's background on LinkedIn?

Any questions? Read our FAQ

  • What is social media marketing and advertising?

    Social-media marketing and advertising is a way to promote your brand or business on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These marketing techniques represent a comprehensive approach that starts with strategising and moves through publishing. A business interested in the efficacy of its content works should also monitor performance analytics and engagement data.

    Your marketing strategy will dictate what platforms you choose for ads. For instance, more than 70 percent of Tumblr and Instagram users are under the age of 34. Facebook has a broader range of ages, with only 54 percent of users younger than 34. If your company sells dentures, then, it would make more sense to advertise on Facebook.

    Remember, more than 3 billion people use social media, so there are undoubtedly potential customers out there for you. The key is finding the platforms and subgroups that they frequent. With that information in hand, you can target your ads more effectively and expand your digital presence and visibility.

  • Does social media advertising work?

    Social-media advertising can be a rewarding investment for your marketing team. There are nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, which provides a massive audience for you. Platforms will give you the ability to cater to advertisement placements based on audience geography, sex, age, and media habits.

    Leveraging social media is a low-cost way of attracting eyeballs to your ads and your website, too. It is free to join all prominent social-media platforms and start cultivating an audience. You can also opt for paid campaigns for higher returns on your investment compared to traditional marketing costs.

    One of the latest forms of social-media advertising is in-media promotion. For instance, a YouTuber might pause a video halfway through to talk about a sponsor. The idea is that viewers are already engaged with the video and the YouTuber. Therefore, they are more likely to transfer their loyalty to the brand.

  • What are the advantages of social media advertising for business?

    Social-media advertising has a lot of perks, starting with the low costs of entry. Any business can create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account for free and start publishing content. Even if you want to start a paid cost-per-click (CPC) campaign, you can carefully manage your budget for less money than traditional advertising.

    Social media also has the advantage of billions of users worldwide. According to research, there are 3.5 billion people online with whom you can connect about your brand’s products and services. If your posts, videos, or tweets go viral, you can generate millions of impressions in a matter of days.

    One of the best parts of social-media advertising is the measurement process. Advertisers have a wide range of tools and analytics to see what content works and why. With that, you can continue to hone and evolve your social-media strategy based on customer preferences and trends to see what generates the highest return on investment.

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