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Over a third of all online activity is spent watching videos. And YouTube has over 70% market share - it’s also the second biggest search engine on the planet. So a well crafted YouTube ad campaign? That can drive serious visibility for your brand. Find out how you can make the most of YouTube now with a free proposal.

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Over 3 million unique New Zealand visitors hit YouTube every month. How many of them are your ideal customers? Chances are all of them are using YouTube at some point each month.

A YouTube advertising campaign will put your message in front of these prospects. The right combination of snappy creative, compelling messaging, clever offer and high converting landing page means YouTube advertising can generate not just exposure for your brand, but leads and sales too. Find out how now with a free proposal.

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It’s TV For Today

There’s a reason traditional TV advertisers are shifting their spend to the YouTube platform. It’s where the eyeballs are today. Prime time TV viewership continues to decline year-on year while YouTube is growing.

Traditional TV advertising used to be difficult and expensive. The great thing is that your business, no matter the size, can run video advertising to a huge audience right now, via the Google Ads platform. But don’t risk blowing thousands on trial and error. Work with a Google Premier Partner like Local Digital to give your video ad campaign the best chance at success.

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We’re a YouTube advertising agency based in New Zealand. We offer a full range of YouTube marketing services including creative & campaign management. If you’re looking for a YouTube advertising agency get in touch today for a free quote.

Over 1 billion users across the world are accessing YouTube right now, with 30 million of them logging on every day. This means a YouTube advertising campaign can position your brand in front of millions of your dream prospects.

A targeted YouTube ads campaign can drive major results for your business, and do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional television advertising.

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See how our advertising services have had a dramatic impact on these New Zealand businesses

We’ve seen our online revenue quadruple and it has resulted in greater business performance.

Avi Pollak
Operations Manager, Pearson's Florist

We’re getting in 20 quotes per day which is almost more than I can handle to answer.

Callan Pascoe
Owner, Clearlight Designs

Our online store has achieved record results and seen triple digit growth over the past three years.

Adam Shalala
Ecommerce Manager, IN SPORT

We’re generating more leads & getting more work.

Billy Ganley
Director, PointBrik

We’ve achieved financial goals we thought were never going to be possible.

Chris Watts
General Manager, Flavours Catering

We increased leads something like 500% and that was with the same level of spend.

Chris Costin
Marketing Manager, ActronAir

Seeing the increase in traffic & sales really has given me a buzz. I didn’t think it was possible in such a short time frame

Wayne Francis
Managing Director, Recompute

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Weighing up YouTube advertising services right now? Here's why it's worth claiming a free proposal from Local Digital.

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When you enquire with us we get to the bottom of your goals and devise the best strategy to hit them. Your social media ads will be a well executed part of this strategy.

Track Record of Results

Our case studies, video testimonials and Google reviews from real clients prove we have the runs on the board when it comes to delivering results.

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We're proud of the calibre of our team. We have some of the most experienced digital marketers in New Zealand ready to work on your campaigns. Why not check out our team's background on LinkedIn?

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  • How does YouTube advertising work?

    YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms, with users watching upward of 5 billion videos per day. All that time in front of the screen provides ample opportunity for YouTube to place advertisements before, next to, or even in the middle of videos. As a business, your first step to jumping aboard is deciding what kind of ads you want.

    YouTube lets you buy non-skippable ads, which last up to 30 seconds and play before the start of a video. Every time your video plays, you will pay. You might also opt for display ads, overlay ads, full-screen ads, and sponsored cards. Generally speaking, the cost-per-view ranges from 10 cents to 30 cents, depending on your specific targeting goals.

    Buying YouTube ads requires that you have videos to promote your services or brand. If you are a new or small company, the investment in video production and editing might not be financially feasible. That said, YouTube does allow you to tailor your budget based on how much you want to pay per view.

  • How do you advertise on YouTube?

    YouTube has billions of users who watch billions of videos of each day, making it one of the largest social-media sites in the world. In fact, reports say that 81 percent of people buy a product or service because they watched a brand’s video. So, it makes sense to connect with your audience through the YouTube platform.

    If you have a marketing video, it’s time to upload it to your YouTube account. Then, go to Google AdWords and select the video campaign option. (For clarification, Google owns YouTube.) Here, you will be able to choose different ad types, including overlay, non-skippable, and display ads.

    Next comes the technical stuff. You need to organize your campaign. You’ll have to set a budget, pick keywords, target demographics, and select inventory types. After you choose where you want your ads to display, find the video you uploaded at the beginning, and use it for your campaigns.

    Of course, all of the above takes quite some time to master. If you’re looking for fast results claim a free proposal now and we’ll pull back the curtain on how YouTube advertising can work for your business.

  • Is YouTube advertising effective?

    YouTube is a must for marketers because it combines an ability for you to reach a massive amount of people for moderate investment and precise targeting. For starters, YouTube has more than a billion unique users, which equates to one in every eight people on Earth. Only Facebook has more regular users.

    Second, YouTube provides tools and analytics to ensure that your ads go directly to targeted consumers. You can display your video to people whose interests and behaviors match your brand. While the costs of video are higher than, say, posting Facebook ads, the potential returns on investment are far more significant.

    If you are struggling to find your footing in YouTube advertising, consider toggling different ad formats to see which version gets the highest click-through rate. You can also try adding interactive elements to your videos, such as buttons or end screencaps, or uploading transcripts to your videos.

  • Why is YouTube a good marketing tool?

    YouTube is a powerful marketing tool for you if you have the revenue or budget to produce videos. For starters, the platform has more than 1 billion unique monthly users. As a result, you will have ample opportunities target potential customers for your products and services.

    Of course, that targeting is only possible thanks to the incisive filters, tools, and data that YouTube offers. You can ensure that your content gets in front of users with preferences that align with your brand. For instance, if you are selling running apparel, you want your content to appear on channels about running.

    What’s more, YouTube is continually changing to enhance user experiences. You have the flexibility to change your ads, budget, targeting, and schedules based on what works and doesn’t. With that, you can maximize your cost-per-acquisition over time. Tailored ads and performance also will help your marketing campaigns evolve with your audience.

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